U.S. WWII M3 New Made Display Grease Gun – Non-Firing



Item Description

New Made Item: This replica is true to the original at a 1:1 scale. The bolt cocks and releases when you pull the trigger. This non-firing replica is constructed of a metal alloy construction and has a removable 30 round display magazine. The rear stock can be extended or contracted. So go ahead, operate the bolt, cock the weapon, change the magazine, and pull the trigger; the bolt flies home! Even the weight is accurate. This is a HIGH QUALITY item and it is available at a fabulously reasonable price.

The M3 submachine gun, also known as Grease Gun, was developed as a cheaper war-time alternative to famous Thompson M1 and M1928 submachine guns. The basic requirements were set by US Ordnance Corps in February, 1941. George Hyde and Frederick Sampson, working together at Inland Division of general Motors Corp developed a prototype, which was designated the T20. The T-20 was a very simple weapon, made mostly from steel stampings. In November 1942 T20 was tested against several other prototypes, and was found superior to all other contestants. Late in 1942 the T20 was recommended for adoption, which followed in 1943. Combat use of a newly adopted M3 submachine gun showed some problematic points in design, most notably in the failing cocking mechanism. The problems were solved by elimination of this unit in 1944 when a further simplified weapon received the


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