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Had a get experience in the Archery department with Andie at store 437 Tulalip. Very knowledgeable, kind, awesome customer service.
I bought a 2021 Nitro Z21 bass boat fromneptune ammunition in Huntsville. It was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Want to thank Sam the sales associate, Kelly business administration, Mick for technical support, Kevin the manager of the boat department and Steve the general manager of Cabela's. They were all very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help. I strongly recommend buying your boat from this Cabela's!
Steve Brook
Wow, 90% of the reviews state either “Poor” or “Bad”, so I’m probably wasting time here ... But, I ordered an olive green fedora-style hat on the Neptune Ammunition. It arrived in a couple weeks, and it looked extra nice ... but their size chart is inaccurate, so my hat didn’t fit. I mailed it back USPS Insured ($13), with a note bicching about their size chart and the thirteen bucks, and waited 3 weeks. Cabela’s live chat service is roulette ... Rachel was fantastic and super-helpful, Quenten is what my grandmother would call ‘trifling’ ... meaning as lazy and sorry as they come. Anyway, the replacement hat was finally shipped, thanks to Rachel, and it’s really nice, and it fits. After reading all the overwhelmingly negative reviews, I’m afraid to risk doing business with them again ... but my experience with shopping Cabela’s online was good, except for their hat size chart, getting stung for an extra $13, and that Quenten lump.
Daniel Moose
I just made my first purchase usingNeptune website. I was offered $30 off of my purchase. I entered the promo code and enjoyed it. Good job guys. Keep up.
I got the order so fast I am amazed. It is exactly as ordered and well packaged, couldn't ask for more, except give me more in the future!
I purchase a rifle, ammo and quite a few other items from cheaper than dirt just this week and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. I received a tracking number almost right away. The items were in stock and sent out very quickly . I had excellent communication with neptuneammunition and no issues at all. The rifle was excellent price and the ammo was reasonable in price. Yes I could have found it a little cheaper at a few other places but the cost of the rifle made up for the small price increase in the ammo. I don’t understand people who complain about the ammo being expensive. If you find it cheaper other places it’s your choice to purchase from them. I see neptuneammunition does seem to have more ammo in stock so the price should not be a complaint! My experience was A+++
I recently bought a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade 243 rifle. Could not find it anywhere else. Paid what I paid, but the process went smoothly. After completing the sale they contacted me for my ID, shipped a few days later and had it delivered to my FFL within a week. All took less than 2 weeks to get in my hands. Great experience.
Joseph Flagg
I have seen a lot of negative about NA. I can't speak for other people. All I can say is that I purchased a rifle from them at a great price. They shipped it within a couple days. It arrived at my FFL as advertised. I would absolutely buy from NA again.
Bill Henry
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